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We know you are searching for a perfect place or online source of different cork products, so stop to find and visit us, here is the best and unbelievable product collection and original product gallery as just like an original product. Corkcho has a huge collection of a different category of industrial cork product like cork roll, cork tiles, corkboard, and cork sheet all made by the natural oak tree, as per the specific need of an industrial cork bulk order, Corkcho is the leading supplier and manufacturer in Portugal.

Cork soap box

By custom order

The cork soap dishes presented are some of our standard dishes.
It’s possible to customise the soap dish according to the client’s needs and dish applications.

All kinds of shapes of Cork Coasters

Cork Coasters with various shapes and prints.

Natural, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial product.

Cork Box for Personal or Home Daily Use


Size – outer dimentions 25x19x8cm.

Sale Cork-cheese-set

Cork Cutting board for Kitchen Use, Custom Size


“The perfect product for cheese lovers, cuisine enthusiasts and people who care for the planet’s future. The set contains one cork board …


Custom Portuguese Cork Candle for Decoration at Home


Description Custom Portuguese Cork Candle for Decoration at Home. Cork Candles are designed for life and made to last – machined from …

Granulated Cork

5,40 /kg

Granulated Cork

5,40 /kg

Granulated cork is used for a wide variety of applications.
You can use it for clearing up oil spills, for filler and insulator and also for creative processes.

Insulation Cork Board

13,65 /m²

Insulation Cork Board

13,65 /m²

Use the Insulation Cork Board product for:
Thermal Insulation
Cork is one of the world’s oldest insulators and surely the best. Once again, thanks to its cellular structure, it is able to absorb heat and keep it for a long time. Coating floors and walls with cork makes it possible to obtain significant savings with heating systems.
Acoustic Insulation
The 40 million cells in each cubic centimetre of cork act as a real decibel absorber. This makes cork the perfect insulating material for children’s rooms, offices, bars and restaurants.

Virgin Cork Tubes for Decoration and Animal Housing

12,00 /kg

Use this product for decoration.
Cork has gained a prominent space in the field of decoration.
National and international designers shape this noble material to the taste of imagination, creativity, creating products that stand out for aesthetics, beauty, comfort and ability to surprise consumers.

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