Custom Portuguese Cork Candle for Decoration at Home


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Custom Portuguese Cork Candle for Decoration at Home.

Cork Candles are designed for life and made to last – machined from a solid block of sustainable natural cork.
Frame life is a place to memorize what really matters – cherished moments of the slow life; your favorite picture, that ticket from last years festival which still makes you smile, your best friends wedding invite and pictures. Perfect for home and work, CorkFrame is made in three practical sizes to suit different consumer needs and spaces.

100% Sustainable:
Cork is the bark from the Cork Oak tree and is a phenomenal material. When a tree reaches maturity the bark is carefully harvested by experts using age-old methods, making sure the tree remains totally unharmed and able to re-grow. Over the following 9 years, the bark will totally regenerate rapidly to be harvested again. Making it a truly sustainable FSC approved material.

With a purpose:
Our product exists because of a sustainable supply of a wonderful natural material. It’s incredibly important for us to create a business that contributes in a positive way to environmental causes.

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