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Corkcho represents the Cork blocks toys for silent constructive play. A set of natural cork toys building produced children to build whatever they want! This Eco-friendly Cork Block toy is made of cork, which is a very soft, light and Un-harmful material. This cork toy provides ultimate comfort, great texture, and softer feel as a result of the natural characteristics of this Eco product. Constructed from 100% licensed cork, which is an extremely renewable resource. This lightweight and silent toy give kids all the freedom to expand their imagination and creativity by building different structures and also objects, such as houses, castles, towers, beds, tables and chairs, animals, boats, etc. the lightweight of cork toys will secure for your child. worry about safety we made all toys after long research and natural process. our Portuguese cork toys collection is unique like your children smile, cuteness and happiness. visit and find us its awesome.

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Cork Toys

Cork Toys – Beginner Set

A natural cork toy product for small babies and kids.…
20,00 16,00

Cork Toys

Cork Toys – Rookie Set

A natural cork toy product for small babies and kids.…
28,00 22,00

Cork Toys

Cork Toys – Intermediate Set

• Contents: 2 x Cube (6 x 6 x 6),…
36,00 32,00

Cork Toys

Cork Toys – Expert Set

• Contents: 4 x Cube (6 x 6 x 6),…
45,00 42,00

Cork Toys

Cork Block Toys

. Eco Natural . Organic . Soft Light
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