Cork Board with 5 different Games for the whole Family

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• Contents: 1 double sideboard + 12 double side circle pieces (checkers)
• Suitable for children older than 3 years



Game On – Cork Board with 5 different Games for the whole Family

• 5 in 1 game set, including Magic Square, Magic Puzzle, Watermellon Chess, Tic Tac Toe, Nene Men’s Morris.

These games will help you to
– learn what it means to follow rules, why you need and how to handle them
– learn how to be flexible in using the rules and how to combine some of them to help – yourself, and to avoid others that are detrimental to you
– develop concentration and agility

They are also useful to:

–  make decisions quickly, plan and solve problems
– develop analytical thinking and communication skills
– win and lose, both important in our lives
– know the thrill of discovering and learning new things
– spend time with people you love


• Made by 100% pressed cork, produced from renewable wood in the sustainable forest. The specific surface adheres excellently to each other enabling stable constructions without slipping.
• The Corcodile building blocks are anti-allergenic. They are safe with no risk of injury due to their lightweight and beveled edges.
• Free of harmful substances.

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