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Flowers in Chania
Hello, I'm CorKcho!

I have the DNA of an Iberian lynx, an autochthonous, resistant and in danger of extinction race. I was born on the plains of Alentejo, more precisely Portugal, in forests of unlimited cork oak trees as far as eyes can see. It is in this natural environment that I grew up and learned to defend an ecosystem that serves as shelter and source of food and life not only to my species but also to other living beings, such as animals, plants and the Human race itself, of course! In this natural habitat, full of cork oak population, I live along with an immense diversity of wild fauna and flora.

In this place, I defend the appropriate use of cork with “claws and teeth”. The cork is a rare and precious resource that I am willing to defend at all costs. Today and always! Did you know that this Human-made ecosystem has a forestry, ecological, agricultural and … economic purposes? And no, you do not have to cut down a tree to remove the Cork. Its extraction is part of its own regenerative process!

The cork I work hard on selecting for my clients is a natural resource with multiple functions and unique qualities:

100% reusable

100% recyclable

Excellent acoustic and thermal properties

Impermeable to liquids and gases

Compressible and elastic

Esthetical and multifunctional

Come join me discovering the wonderful world of Cork, protect my and above all, OUR environment and help us to maintain a sustainable ecosystem!

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