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Protect Tables, Decorative Round Cork Coaster - CORKCHO
Protect Tables, Decorative Round Cork Coaster - CORKCHO

Round Cork Coaster




Protect Tables, Decorative Round Cork Coaster – CORKCHO

Protect your wood/glass tables with this set of Round Cork Coaster. Made of cork, you can set drinking glasses on these coasters and have a clean table always. These coasters fit most glasses and they won’t scratch the surface they’re set on. The neutral color of the cork and natural material makes these coasters look great with just about any home decor.

Cork is the best material for the best purpose – cork is an excellent natural thermal insulator with antimicrobial properties. Our cork is sustainably harvested, never cutting down a tree.

It won’t crack or crumble, in fact, the quality and suppleness of cork fabric products can be compared to that of leather goods. Unlike leather, it’s 100% natural, water repellent, stain and scratch resistant. This product is also very easy to maintain and clean: water and soap will do the trick! It does age but will do so nicely. It will last you for years to come, with added character.

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90x5mm, 98x10mm

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