Different Type of Bottle Closures, Wood & Plastic top Cork Stoppers


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Plastic top and the agglomerated cork is a stopper (can be also bridged, agglomerated or synthetic) on top of which it is placed a capsule. This capsule can be wood, PVC, porcelain, metal, glass other material.
The stopper is generally used in liqueur / fortified wines, or spirits so when they go to the market, are ready to be consumed. The major examples are the majority of Port Wine and also Whisky, Vodka, Cognac, Tequila, Brandy and Spirits.
This stopper is very useful for barmen and for home customers since it allows easy reuse – an important factor for bottles whose contents are not consumed at once.
This PLASTIC TOP AND AGGLOMERATED CORK is ideal for those looking to use real cork but at a lower cost than a solid natural cork. Great for winemaking, distilled spirits, olive oils, and use as tasting cork. This bartop stopper is designed to fit snuggly in a bottle. This is not a decorative wine topper but a functional cork.
T-Top agglomerated cork closure with a ribbed plastic cap. The cap is 29mm in diameter and 9mm in height. The side of the cap is ribbed with a straight top and straight bottom edge. The closure is assembled using a Fusioncork (agglomerated cork) stem, with a 19.5mm diameter. This stopper is ideal for any bottle with an 18.5mm opening bore. The ends of the stem are rounded.

Standard Sizes: 28×19,5;

For additional custom sizes on the stopper or the cap, printings (top and lateral) or any other details please don’t hesitate in contacting CorKcho!

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29x8x19,5 Plastic Top, 29x12x19,5 Wood Top

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