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We know you are searching for a perfect place or online source of different cork products, so stop to find and visit us, here is the best and unbelievable product collection and original product gallery as just like an original product. Corkcho has a huge collection of a different category of industrial cork product like cork roll, cork tiles, cork board, and cork sheet all made by the natural oak tree, as per the specific need of an industrial cork bulk order, Corkcho is the leading supplier and manufacturer in Portugal region. So join us today and use Portuguese trend cork product.

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Industrial Cork

Granulated Cork

Granulated cork is used for a wide variety of applications.…
4,49 /kg

Industrial Cork

Insulation Cork Board

Use the Insulation Cork Board product for: Thermal Insulation Cork…
11,39 /m²

Industrial Cork

Virgin Cork Tubes

Use this product for decoration. Cork has gained a prominent…
10,00 /kg

Industrial Cork

Virgin Cork Flat

Use this product for decoration. Cork has gained a prominent…
8,00 /kg

Industrial Cork

Cork Roll

Cork is increasingly sought as a construction and decoration material…

Industrial Cork

Cork Textile


House & Kitchen, Industrial Cork

Cork Block

You can use the CORK Block for different situations. For…

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